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Connecting Philly

Connecting Philly

Connecting Philly


In 2018 & 2019, Jason took steps forward to connect with Philly creatives and reach out to the community. 2100 was featured at the Girard Ave Street Festival, Jason has worked with dozens of Philadelphia creatives, and teamed up with both RecPhilly & PhillyCam.

Chart Topping

Connecting Philly

Connecting Philly


Season One of 2100 reached as high as #5 on the UK Comedy Podcast Charts & #146 on the US iTunes Top 200.

This helped get some local press and get 2100 included in Philadelphia Magazine's list of "must listen podcasts."

B. Phl Festival

Connecting Philly

Writing and Writing


Jason was tapped to lead a discussion on the future of media at the B.Phl Innovation Festival. The hour-long discussion revolved around changing times, adapting technologies, and the unpredictability of the future.

Writing and Writing

Operating Indepently

Writing and Writing


First and foremost, Jason Peters is a writer. Jason Peters is working on a movie trilogy, cartoon script, gameshow script, and much more.

On top of all that, Jason writes and edits a staff of six writers for PJP's Food for Thought Blog. He also writes articles for & creates full length scripts for his podcast.

In January of 2020, Jason wrote his first Cover Story for Philadelphia Weekly.

Creating Quality

Operating Indepently

Operating Indepently

Shoot from the PT Cruiser Music Video

Quality over quantity. Jason has learned his lesson through years of trial and error. It is better to release small amounts of good content than lots of mediocre content.

Jason has been working with some of the best creatives all over the world to produce videos, songs, and general content that interests people.

Operating Indepently

Operating Indepently

Operating Indepently


Everything Jason does is self-funded and independent. In the future there is interest in partnering with like-minded individuals and companies.

As an independent creator Jason has managed to amass hundreds of subscribers, thousands of views, and thousands of followers. 

If you're interested in hiring Jason or working together - don't be shy!

Podcasts & Radio:


2100 - The Podcast

"2100" is a podcast series currently being produced. It is a highly produced series of audio clips, music, commentary and interviews that asks of a new topic, "what is the future of (topic) in the year 2100?" 

The idea stems from how poorly humans perceive themselves in real time and misjudge their actions affect on the future. In this series, I (Jason Peters) interview professors, professionals, strangers, friends, and everything in between to gather an idea of how the present sees itself, how the present sees the future, and how people really feel about the time they are living in.

We charted! In May & June 2100 got as high as #5 on the UK iTunes Comedy Podcast charts & #147 in the American iTunes Top 200.




and all the other places.

Season 2 is set to be released on 1.20.2020


Long Gone - iTunes & ICRadio

Long Gone was a podcast that I had recorded and produced while traveling the UK. The production methods range from diary like monologues to interviews to conversations and game. Half of the episodes come from a radio show titled "Across the Pond" that aired on at Imperial College in South Kensington. 


Ritefully Wrong & Here's My Thing

Rightfully Wrong was an hourly radio show styled in a variety format depending on the guests. Episodes featured musicians, athletes, and comedians and aired on 90.3 WESS from 2013 to 2015. The show featured scripted segments, interviews, and games; including the shows signature game "Rite or Wrong." 

In 2014 - 90.3 WESS won an MTV Woodie Award for "Best College Radio Station.

In 2017, I hosted "Here's My Thing" on Temple University's WHIP Radio an iHeartMedia Property.

2100 Commercial

Shot by David Lisowski of Foxal Productions



Life of a Giant.

While working 25 hours a week producing and editing traffic reports for the United States Traffic Network, working as a bar back for the largest bar on Temple University's campus 25 hours a week, and finishing my degree - I wrote and organized a collection of works titled "Life of a Giant." 

"Life of a Giant" is a book of poetry, narrative, and essays detailing the most significant aspects of my life. From mental illness to dating then a sharp turn into some international politics, philosophy, and poetry. 

This book is an accurate representation of who I am and how I think when I am at my worst. It's honest, it's silly, it's sad and it's my story.

I wrote this book to showcase my writing ability, to tell my story, and to make other people feel normal. It is my honest opinion that to live a full life means to see and say as much as you can. If my thoughts live on and generate change or an idea, that is all I can ask for. I will write for the rest of my life regardless of how many people are reading. 


Sports Writing

Starting in 2013, I periodically wrote sports articles for for numerous outlets, including Top Sports Report, Legion Hoops, Yardbarker, Pattison Ave, and many more. The majority of which have been erased from the internet as domain names shifted and as people lost touch. 

I have received press credentials and have worked with the following companies:  Philadelphia Flyers, Lehigh Valley IronPigs, Temple Owls, Marist Red Foxes, British Independent Film Awards, Live Nation, and the Philadelphia Theater Company. 


Freelance Work

The majority of the writing I had done had been free of charge, but in 2017 I signed a Freelance Contract with Time Out - North America.

I was published in Time Out Philadelphia's Third Edition hard copy and have been regularly writing web content covering events and activities throughout the Philadelphia area.

Jason is also the head content creator for

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