Synergy International© - "A Real & Good Business"

At Synergy© we are family.

Here at Synergy International© we are redefining what "business" and "being an employee" means. Are you sad? Are you a really hot girl? Are you in need of a couple dollars and easily dooped? Don't even worry about it, at Synergy International© you are our family!

So you're probably thinking to yourself - "What the heck is Synergy International?" 

Synergy International© is a highly functioning multi-platformed marketing operation. It's as clear and simple as it sounds. You know how you have friends on Social Media? All that Synergy International asks of you, is that you tap into your social media following and then watch the profits pour in!     

"Synergy" means fun!

Here at Synergy International we love to play fun and exciting games with our beloved CEO Lars Guff

Lars Guff loves mangoes, thick sliced ham on Rye Bread, and avenging those who harmed him as a child growing up in rural Maine!

Meet CEO Lars Guff

Get Rich with Synergy International ©

How do I make money?

YOU ARE SMART. So obviously, you want to make sure that Synergy International© is 100% legit before you put any of your valuable time and effort into it.

Working with Synergy International means two things 1.) you barely have to work ever & 2.) you're going to make a ton of money.

How? Let me explain in a few quick steps:

  1. Entry Fee - Every single member of Synergy International© (including our genius CEO Lars Guff) has to pay a $250 deposit, that you will make back in no time! Why? Because the initial processing and handling of paper work and resources cost additional capital. 
  2. Your Starter Kit Arrives - 2 weeks after your initial deposit, a starter kit explaining the logistics of Synergy International, training packages, and assessments.
  3.  The Goods Arrive - after your starter kit is completed and send back a package containing roughly 6,000 Chilean Mangoes will arrive at your front door along with 300 African Machetes.
  4. Make Millions - In this world economy, there are 7.5 Billion people that need to eat every day. Mangoes are both incredibly cheap and incredibly delicious. However, no one knows how to open up a mango. That's where Synergy International© comes in!

Synergy International© Machete

Synergy International© Machete

Business Strategy


Utilize Your Network

We at Synergy International© thrive due to our workforce's persistence, at times you may feel like you are wasting your time or even in some kind of whacky scheme - but we promise it is all a part of the Syner-sperience©!! 

Take hours out of your day to constantly remind people that you are happy and making tons of money! (even if you aren't) Post to Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! Reach out to people from high school, camp, your family, or anyone & tell them how happy you are with Synergy to recruit them into your network!  

What about Machetes?

Good question!

In Rwanda there was a horrendous genocide that took place between April and July 1994. During which time the Hutu's killed between 500,000 and 1,000,000 Tutsi. This is a genocide the likes of which the world never expected to see, which operated at a sick and evil pace.

However, years later in 1998 Lars Guff was in Rwanda on a treasure expedition. During which time he did not find gold or silver, but rather a haunted mass grave of the slain Tutsi people. At that time a Tutsi elder approached a very young and upset Lars. 

She said to Lars "Here lie my buried people. You come all the way from America to dig up the memories of my people. You've hurt the already wounded Tutsi community greatly."

Lars didn't care much, he zoned out - but noticed a very large collection of well made steel machetes next to the body of a dead child. Lars responded back to the elder "Shut Up! How much for those fuckin' machetes?"

The elder responded "2,000,000 Rwandan francs" which is roughly $2,000. 

Lars agreed to the deal then hired a militia for 1,000,000 Rwandan francs and killed the elder!

& that is why we sell machetes!

Okay! That's reasonable, but why mangoes?

Simple as pie! Lars had realized that he had never even met a person that knew how to cut a mango. He went to school for 5 years to try and open a mango and couldn't figure it out... until he had a plagued Rwandan Machete. 

... wait, I thought you only said Chilean Mangoes?

Wow! You're a great listener. 

We recommend only using this machete for cutting Chilean Mangoes! Why? Because the outside of a ripe Chilean Mango is covered in a chemical called Toradal. Toradal is a chemical best known by it's nickname "Agent Orange." It gained this nickname from it's highly unpopular use as a chemical weapon in Vietnam. 

Nestle©, while attempting to make what Nestle CEO Gary Barnes said was "A Mango flavored Oreo that really pops" covered rural Chile in Agent Orange.

Ironically, over time the dried blood of the Rwandan Genocide infuses with steel of the machete, a chemical reaction takes place - this chemical reaction magically offsets the effects of a Toradal tainted mango... a bit of what we call "Synergy."

So what are you waiting for?

Send in $250 to my Venmo account (@JasonPeters424) or just follow this VERY TRUSTWORTHY LINK. 

Thanks! Welcome to the Synergy International© Family!