Let Me Remake this Game Show for a modern American Audience

The name of this game show is "Golden Balls" it existed from 2006-2009 in the UK. It is simply amazing, watch this video. If you don't care enough to watch this video, you don't care enough to read the script. Just watch this video. & I'll explain.

What is the game - "Golden Balls?"

 There are 16 balls, 4 of which are worth $0 and 12 of which are worth far more. These balls are randomly circulated among 4 players.


The players must try to eliminate all of the $0 balls in an attempt to have the highest cash value at the end of the game. 

The only way to eliminate those $0 balls is to vote off whoever has them.

This takes place for two rounds until there are only 2 players left.

Those two players are left with a lump sum of cash depending on who they voted off.

This takes them to the "Split or Steal" round.  During which time the two remaining contestants are asked to either split or steal the money with one another.

If both people pick SPLIT, they split the money.

If both people pick STEAL, no one gets the money.

If one person picks SPLIT and the other person picks STEAL, whoever picks STEAL gets all of the money.

I want to revamp this game for a streaming network in modern America.

What changes have you made?

The Golden Rule.

I have changed the name from "Golden Balls" to "The Golden Rule." 

The name change is not only an homage to the previous game, but also a reference to the prisoners dilemma at the end of the game. The Golden Rule aka "treat others as you would like to be treated" refers to the deceitful nature at the heart of the game.

This is not the only name change, balls worth $0 were named "Killers" in the original version, I've renamed them "Gotcha Balls."

The nature of the "Gotcha Ball" is also different from a "Killer Ball." More "Gotcha Balls" can be added depending on the amount of lying that goes on in the game. 

No studio audience, the focus is entirely on the other contestants.

No host, the game is on a timer and controlled by screens and pre-made videos.  All votes are cast using tablets.

A guest host comes out for the split or steal round, and also provides two new mystery balls that they decide the amount on.

More balls. Less corny jokes. More raw emotion. Less fluff. Streaming platforms would allow profanity and honesty. 

The Golden Rule would be the first successful streaming game show.

Reach me via contact form, twitter @Jpeters2100 or email jasonpetersmpw AT gmail.

Here is the PDF of my new script.