What the "F" in "Weezy F Baby" REALLY stands for:

If you’re a reasonable and rational person like me, you’ve probably spent hours upon hours thinking about all of the things that the “F” in “Weezy F Baby” stands for. For those swine unfamiliar with what I’m talking about, hip-hop artist and cultural icon Lil Wayne otherwise known as Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. goes by the moniker Weezy F Baby. Over the course of his career he has alluded to this moniker and substituted what the “F” in Weezy F Baby stands for. 

You, a simpleton, may be thinking to yourself, “Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. is a name completely devoid of the letter F, why would his nickname have an F in it?” To which I would respond, it’s an artistic expression of who he feels he is on the inside. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. is an astute religious scholar and renowned classical actor, known mostly for his serious roles in off-Broadway adaptations of Victorian-novels. Most people do not know this, but Lil Wayne attended Juilliard with the likes of Jessica Chastain, Viola Davis, and Adam Driver. 

For 7 months of the year however, Dwayne transforms into his stage persona “Lil Wayne” or “Weezy F Baby.” This transformation requires hours of intense makeup to replicate face tattoos that Dwayne insists are vital to the character of Weezy. In this article - we will decipher the different categories that the “F” in Weezy F Baby stand for and how they pertain to Dwayne’s art.

Things That Don’t Start with F

Clearly an artist playing four-dimensional chess, Weezy likes to say that his middle name begins with an F, when in fact the letter F is absent from the initials. This is him signalling to his listeners that you should pay close attention to things he says, because often juxtaposition is the centerpiece of his artistry.


Dont forget the Baby

Variations of Fuck

“Fuck” is a word of 16th century Germanic origin. Weezy uses this term to evoke deep emotions from the listener. “Fuck” originally derived from “focka” conjures up feelings of excitement in the listener. If you look at the examples below, “fuck” can be used as the begining of a question, it can be used sarcastically, and it can be used simply to say “fuck them hoes.” 

fuck what your're going through

fuck them hoes

fuck you

fucking fantastic

fuck yourself

Fuck, what you gonna do?

The F Stands for a lot of Things

In this case, Lil Wayne is allowing you to paint a picture. He is saying “Here, dear listener. I’ll tell you this much, my middle name begins with an F, the rest is up to you.” You can fill in the blank, find out or pick between faithful, funky, freshly, flavor, flawless, fleek, finesse, or finagle.

The F is Find Out 

Fill in the Blank

For a Bunch of Shit

faithful, funky, freshly, flavor, flawless, fleek, finesse, finagle

Forever Boy:

This is by far the most interesting of the manifestation of the character Lil Wayne, the Forever Boy. In 2008-2009, Dwayne found his apprentice in Aubrey Graham and began Project Forever Boy. The project’s primary goal was to find someone to overtake Michael Jackson as the King of Pop, while making music that could last forever. Through this process Drake was born out of classically trained child-actor Aubrey Graham, the plans for the Forever Boy Project came full swing when Drake was featured on a song titled “Forever” featuring Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem. Drake is currently the most popular artist on the planet in 2020. 

Forever boy

What the F isn't for:

At times, Weezy F. Baby needs to remind us what the “F” isn’t for. This is a great lense into the artist’s mind - these are the things that Dwayne Michael Carter genuinely dislikes and would like us to keep away from his name. Fear and Failing are quite common fears, but his sheer hatred for flaw shines a light into his sheer dedication towards the ultimate goal of perfection.




Things Lil Wayne Commands you do:

This may catch people off guard, but Lil Wayne is deeply ashamed of sex life. This is a list of things he’d like you to do in order. He would like you to first, follow him straight to his condo where he’d like to fornicate and then he’d like you to forget it. Weezy lives a rather promiscuous lifestyle in comparison to the artist Dwayne who lives on a compound upstate with his beautiful wife Lucille. Through the years Weezy’s premonition towards what he calls “pussy” has put his marriage in jeopardy. It’s essential that the character of “Weezy” remain a “Pussy Monster” so he asks that you please refrain from remembering your time having sex with him. 

F for follow, follow me straight to my condo


Forget It

How He Feels:

As I’ve alluded to, Dwayne Carter has to deal with a lot of the repercussions that stem from his life as Weezy. So allthough he feels fortunate, he’s also filled with fury trying to think of ways to stay fresh and fascinate audiences. He has to be ferocious in pursuit of his ambitions to stay fly or else all that he has lost has been for nothing. Sometimes the “F” is just here to let you know how he feels. 







Obsession with Death and Blood:

This is a pretty specific group, any fan of Lil Wayne or Dwayne Carter knows that he has an obsession with blood or it’s plural “bloods.” As we explained, Dwayne Carter Jr. grew up reading Shakespeare and acting out his plays. Shakespeare is filled with symbolism of blood and betrayal, something Dwayne often felt growing up in the yachting district of New Orleans. Each summer his neighbors, the Klinewskis, would take their yacht out on the lake but would not invite Dwayne. During those summers of betrayal, Wayne went away to an advanced forensics camp rather than playing on the yacht with all of the other children. 

His time in forensics camp and his affinity for Shakespeare shines through in all of his music. He ties the two together symbolically and literally.    






These are the final ungroupable four, some artists are simply too abstract to understand. One can assume FEMA came to mention after the horrendous job they did in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina. I presume that he is using “front door” as a metaphor for the possibilities that come along with every moment you walk into a new door. With every word that comes out of Weezy F Baby’s mouth he is reminding us of the possible joys in the world, as well as the inevitable demise that lies in our future.



front door

Flames, five