Answers to various questions:


Why are there typos and grammar errors in "Life of a Giant?"

Life of a Giant is meant to be a statement on structure and mental illness. The theme of structure comes up often in my book and I even tried to mess with the "structure" of my book to prove the point that we get hung up on innocuous structural mistakes rather than taking in the message.

Also, I was in the throws of mania while putting the book together, which is a testament to the fact that the "narrator" isn't perfect. This book is a reflection of mental illness and of my mind, there was no need to pay an editor when I feel as if the typos are a more accurate representation of me and the content I wanted to put out. 

What happens after you die?

I don't think much happens. But, I'm growing interest in the idea of the body decomposing and helping a tree grow. If consciousness is universal, that could be the big loop-hole. 

Why is your book called "Life of a Giant?"

It's a metaphor for mental illness and how it makes me feel giant. Whether it's body image, or mania making my ego huge, or just the loud annoying life I live. Giants feel out of place, the world is simply uncomfortable to them.

In the poem "Life of a Giant" which is what this book is named after I write:

"I need to start over; I am not my belongings.

These symbols are useless.

I have a longing to be comfortable, but comfort stunts growth.

I know this because I've never been comfortable.

And I'm 12 foot tall at this point."

I use physical size and growth as a metaphor for emotional growth and speak on the fact that I already feel like I've been through enough and grown enough - but maybe I've grown too big and I'll never be comfortable again. 

Any pets?

My roommate has a dog, I'm not a fan, but we shared a hallway for 4 months,

Grew up with 2 cats, they are my parents cats - Mr. Kitty & Maddie. They are 17 and 18 years old.

I've had numerous forgettable turtles. 

What's your middle name?


Do you like Daft Punk?

I don't think so.