I'm so proud of my big feet. 

They are the greatest feet on earth.

I tell each and every one I meet,

I've had these big feet since birth.

Respect my feet; they are important and grand.

Salute my feet, no matter where I stand.

All others are lesser,

Mine are much better. 

That's why you and I should not be together.

My feet let me walk so much further than others, 

Right now, I'm proud to be with my big footed brothers. 

Others have small feet, no feet, and feet covered in sores.

But there's just one thing; those feet aren't yours.

They were born with those issues.

I was born with my graces.

I do not want those people in my sacred spaces.

I'll kill, and I'll fight.

Because that is my right.

As a man with big feet, I'll do that tonight. 

Well... sometimes I wonder...

What would I do?

If I had woken up and had no feet too.

Just like those people I see on the news

If one day I woke up and there just were no shoes.

Would I be helped or resilient?

Would I still be this brilliant?

The perks and the pleasure that come with my current condition.

All come from dumb luck; no one made a decision. 

My feet are glorious and strong, but I've done nothing to make them.

And being pompous and rude will make others hate them.

Maybe one day, we'll all have big feet to be proud of. 

But while others suffer, I'll keep my big mouth shut.

Use my big feet to help those that have none.

Because I'd rather have less so that others have some.

On bigfoot holidays, I'll remember those that never get to celebrate.

Because they were born into something, they did not perpetuate.

While refugees with small feet sneak and die in the sea trying to flee,

I always keep in mind; those small feet could be me. 

If I had money I'd help, I wish they knew I see them.

I wish that regardless of feet, we all just had freedom.